Jason Pamer

Jason co-wrote and produced the critically-acclaimed film, Rape for Profit, which was executive produced by Jada Pinkett Smith. It premiered in the top 3 documentaries on iTunes when it released and top 50 films overall (out of 5,000+ titles). He co-wrote and produced another feature documentary, Saved for a Reason, that can be viewed on cable providers, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many more outlets. He is in development on several other projects with his producing partner Jens Jacob through their production company Sypher Studios.

Jason was brought on to The Heart of Man by Tony Anderson in 2013 to hire and develop a new team that could tell the story of The Heart of Man—hiring 150+ people that have all had a hand in making the film. He oversees all aspects of the filmmaking process from script development through the mass-market delivery of the film. He also oversees Journey Into the Heart of Man, an in-depth 18 week course hosted by licensed mental health counselor and author Jay Stringer.