1. Does this come out on iTunes? When?

Yes! Pre-order on iTunes now. 

2. Does this come out on Netflix? When?

We definitely want to as we want as many people to see this as possible! -- be sure to stay connected with us on social media for the specifics.

3. Will you sell DVD's? When?

Yes! You can preorder the DVD and Blu-ray now from our store page! 

4. When does that guide release? How do we get them?

5. How do we get to screen the film at our university, church, business, or conference? How much does it cost?

If there's interest to screen the film at any venue, please email heartofman@sypherfilms.com and we'll be in touch about the details.

6. Are there bulk or volume discounts?

There are! Email us at heartofman@sypherfilms.com for more info.

7. Is this going to be translated or have translation subtitles?

We definitely want it to be as there's a global audience for this film. The 'when' and 'which' languages are TBD.

8. Will this be available in countries outside of the US?

We're moving as fast as we can! :) Hoping to release around the globe in early 2018.

9. Will this be in theaters again? How can I make sure it will be in my city?

Yes, The Heart of Man is coming out "one more night" national theater release, Tue, October 17. Tickets go on sale September 29th! 

10. Can I have someone speak about this at my church or organization?

We'd love to help get someone there. Please email us at heartofman@sypherfilms.com to continue the dialogue.

11. How many weeks is the participant guide?

The Guide is 6 weeks of deep and immersive content that peel back all the layers of the film with a final week 7 of hope.

12. How can my church have Heart of Man small groups?

Please email us at heartofman@sypherfilms.com for details.

13. Is the participant guide for individuals or for groups?

This Guide is perfect for self-reflection as well as for group. We do believe that community is essential to breaking our shame and walking in freedom, so we strongly encourage each person to go through the material with another if possible.

14. Will any of the Heart of Man materials be available on Amazon?

Both The Heart of Man DVD and The Heart of Man Guide will both be sold on Amazon.

15. How can I find a counselor?

Visit our "Continue The Journey" section and scroll down to the "Need Help Now" and "Equip Me" listings for a variety of counseling services and partner organizations.