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The Heart of Man Participant’s Guide is an invitation to do a deep dive into our stories, to discover a new identity the Father has created in us, to find and defeat that voice of shame. 

Serving as a companion to The Heart of Man film, this interactive guide takes you through the timeless tale of a father’s relentless pursuit of his son. Uncover your own prodigal narrative by exploring the six scenes examined in the film—the table, the sea, the cliff, the lagoon, the cave, and the feast.

This guide is designed for both groups and individuals; it is intended to initiate discussions on topics like brokenness, identity, and shame. Interwoven with excerpts and interviews from prominent thought-leaders, The Heart of Man Participant’s Guide challenges you to deepen your understanding of what it means to be both human and a child of God.

Get the Small Group bundle and save. Includes everything you need for your small group to view the movie and launch into a deeper discussion. The Small Group bundle includes:

  • 8 Participant's Guides
  • 1 DVD or Blu-ray


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** Be sure to order extra Participant's Guides if you have more in your group.